Pony Tales Party Packages
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PONIES (Mainly for kids ages 1-8 years) - Please note that we provide PONIES, not horses when delivered to Your Location. These are small breeds of horses. We keep to the insurance safety rule (and humane too!) of limiting the weight on our ponies backs to approximately 20% of their body weight. This ranges from 65 to 85 pounds on our regular ponies. An overloaded animal can have its back hurt or can stumble and injure themselves and their rider. We appreciate your understanding. We usually do rides on a sidewalk or street when at Your Location. Better yet, come to our location to hold your Barn Party. See details below.

HORSES – We do not normally bring horses (larger than 500#) to birthday parties at private homes, again for the safety of riders and those around them. We can provide horses to certain events like picnics, fairs or daycares to accommodate larger children where the area is secure. There may be some parties we can provide horses for with certain restrictions. We CAN provide horses at our Barn Parties.

CARTS/WAGONS – All capacities assume an average of 50 – 60 lb kids. The largest one is the only one that can accommodate an adult.

At Your Location
Standard Price List (subject to change without notice)

All prices include handlers or drivers for each pony or wagon and delivery to our base area which is the East Bank from Norco to Metairie. Travel charges starting at $10 and up are incurred going into New Orleans, the West Bank, Laplace and the Northshore. Locations further away may require additional time purchase. Please call for the exact charge.

Packages & Pricing
(Weekend pricing, call for weekday specials.)
All packages require a NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT due upon booking.
Please ask for a copy of our full deposit/weather/cancellation policy.

2 ponies to ride (kids under 85 pounds) $210/hour
1 pony to ride, 1 cheek art face painter $210/hour
1 pony to ride, 1 mini horse to pet $210/hour
1 larger pony to ride (kids 65-130 pounds) 1 smaller pony $240
1 pony to pull cart (seats 4) PLUS 1 pony to ride $260

Time after the first hour is an approx 25% off. For exact rates and travel fees contact us directly, please!
Email is our best form of communication! ponytalesnola@aol.com

Add On To The Above Packages
Cheek art face painting or extra riding ponies (each) $40/hr
Princess, Unicorn or Knight costumed ponies 1-$25/hr or 2-$40/hr

Our Merry Go Round is a service with an attendant who spins it and loads the kids. It has 10 animal seats, plus a small sit down seat for a toddler anda middle seat for a larger child/adult. There are bells and we play children’s music. $140/hr

Merry Go Round Add Ons
Add twist balloons by attendant $20/hr
Twist balloons by separate person $40/hr
Cheek art face painting $40/hr
Please note we do CHEEK art face painting, not full face. Please see photo gallery.

Contact us at (504) 469-0148 (24 hour machine) or email us at ponytalesnola@aol.com to schedule your party or event!


A Basic Pony Tales Barn Party (4-13 years)
Come have your party at a real working barn!

We offer three time slots. 9:30am-12:30pm, 1:30-4:30pm, or 5:00-8:00pm. The late slot is for older kids only (9 and up) and can include a campfire.

The base charge for 5-13 year olds is $325. Please contact us for our 2-4 year old package and rate. For the base charge you get: 3 hours of time at the barn in St Rose during which you get an hour of 2 ponies/horses hand led rides for the kids, and a party host/hostess for the whole time (however they do walk a pony or horse for the rides). The host/hostess is helping entertain the kids by introducing them to some of the ponies/horses, and brushing them, telling them about them etc. A party here goes on rain or shine!

Please note that the full base charge is due upon booking and is non refundable.

Included is also: one 8 ft table under a tent or cover, 10 chairs, the use of a small refrigerator during the time of your party, garbage cans with bags, use of the games like Pin The Tail and horseshoes if requested, and a saddled barrel for the kids to play on.

You provide the invitations, the guests (all with closed toe shoes on please!), the cake or cupcakes, ice cream, paper products, any food and drink you want. Please, no glass bottles or containers of any kind.

Some things you can add-on: extra pony or horse, costumed ponies, carts or wagons, cheek art face painter, riding lesson, Merry Go Round, party favor craft, hay bales and extra tables/space.

There are two ways we can run your party. One is strict entertainment, the other is educational along with entertainment. If you have a birthday child who would rather more hands on with the ponies and perhaps a mini riding lesson just for the birthday child within the party, we can do that. One of the great things about a party here is we help you customize it to your ideas and needs. By all means, talk with us, so we can best provide what you have in mind.

Contact us at (504) 469-0148 (24 hour machine) or email us at ponytalesnola@aol.com to schedule your party or event!



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